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Date : 19/03/2004 16h56
Salve, c' qualcuno che ha mai finito Captain Blood? Ho visto che se non si interrompe la presentazione con la musica, i personaggi poi appariranno sempre alle solite coordinate.
Sono riuscito a trovare i primi 4 Numeri ma non sono mai riuscito a trovare il Numero 5, c' qualcuno che mi pu aiutare?

Hi, is there someone that has never ended Captain Blood? I have see that if the presentation with music is not interrupted, the personages then will appear always in the same coordinated. I'm successful to find the first 4 Numbers but I'm not never successful to find Number 5, is there someone that can help me?
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Date : 21/06/2004 07h21
I think you are a lucky one as I never managed to find any of the clones :-)

I tried to find some "solution" on the internet, but could not replicate them, by lack of time, and maybe interest too. Captain Blood has always been a beautiful game with nice graphics, but its interest is very limited, since it is very easy to get stuck.

I wonder if anybody in the world has ever finished this game ?
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Date : 21/06/2004 13h30
Yoann a crit :
I wonder if anybody in the world has ever finished this game ?

Blood did it. You can have a look at http://www.aitp.fr.st
Michele did it too ! Read french and italian posts in this forum, room 'Programmes et jeux'
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