DCMOTO - Release notes

DCMOTO is an emulator for Windows of all Thomson 8 bits computers
Linux, Mac-OS and other operating system users may wish to use
dcmo5, dcto8d or dcto9p. Links are on the home page of the official web site.

Version : 2018.03.17
Author : Daniel Coulom
Web page : dcmoto.free.fr

Emulated computers


Every new version is supposed to come with improvements and bug fixes. It can also bring new troubles.
Reporting abnormal behaviour is very important, in order to fix program errors.
In case of major issue, you can still use previous versions.


Some anti-virus find threats in harmless programs, especially when the executable program is compressed with UPX.
With DCMOTO there is absolutely no virus, trojan horse, spyware, nor advertising nor call to any website.
If your anti-virus program finds a threat, it is a "false positive". In this case, you must report the error to your
provider, so it can correct the detection rules.


Required hardware configuration

Pentium or newer processor, frequency 300 MHz or better.
Windows 98/ME or Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven/8/10 or newer, 32 bits or 64 bits.
640x480 or better display, 65536 or more colors. Audio processor needed.

Install dcmoto

Unzip downloaded file to any folder and (optional) make a shortcut to dcmoto.exe program.
DCMOTO doesn't copy any file to other folders. It doesn't modify registry, nor any file in your computer.
It is a portable program : it can be copied to a removable device, i.e. an external hard drive or an usb key,
and moved to another computer with no difficulty.

Using dcmoto

Execute dcmoto.exe by double-clicking the filename or using the shortcut.
Select the language (Options/Settings...).
Read online Help and dcmoto web site documentation.
Keyboard layout can be displayed and modified by user (Tools/Keyboard...).


Version 2018.03.17

Version 2017.09.03

Version 2017.07.14

Version 2016.04

Version 2015.05

Version 2013.03

Version 2013.02

Version 2013.01

Version 2012.12

Version 2012.11

Version 2012.03

Version 2012.01

Version 2011.10

Version 2011.09

Version 2011.07

Version 2011.04

Version 2011.01

Versions 2010.10 and 2010.10.22

Version 2010.04

Version 2009.05

Version 2009.02

Version 2009.01

Version 2008.01 (v10.1)

Version 2007.10 (v10.0)

Version 2007.08 (v9.6)

Version 2006.12 (v9.5)

Version 2006.10 (v9.4)

Version 2006.04 (v9.3)

Version 2005.09 (v9.2)

Version 2005.06 (v9.1)

Version 2005.01 (v9.0 beta 3)

Version 2004.08 (v8.4 preview)

© 2018 - Daniel Coulom